Private: Romenesko Riffing

Critzbaum to Venderson: “The Picayune Register Has the Best Damn Wedding Announcemtns Page, Period.”

Mason City Picayune Register editor Harold Critzbaum weighs in on the running battle for supremacy among northern Iowa dailies, with the claim that his paper’s wedding announcement page is the “best damn wedding page in northern Iowa, period.”

“We’re not like the Des Moines Register, or the Sully Herald-American,” Critzbaum notes, “which run everything according to the standard ‘name-of-couple / bride’s-parents-jobs / groom’s-parents-jobs / bride’s-degrees-and-job / groom’s-degrees-and-job / place-of-wedding’ formula. We follow the story. If that means going off the beaten path, so be it. We aren’t afraid to tell the truth. Also,” he adds, “we won’t demand payment for a story with likely high reader interest. That’s how committed we are.”

Kanawha Daily Ledger editor Harold Venderson remained unimpressed, telling Critzbaum, “Des Moines and Sully are in central Iowa, moron.”

Critzbaum maintains that he’ll put his wedding page up against any other, any day of the week. He’ll also put his wedding section up against any other paper’s section, or any other paper’s section up against his sports section. Sometimes, he’ll put his paper’s editorial section up against another paper’s community events planner, but he’ll usually only do that on Wednesdays. He’s an odd coot, actually.

Meyers: Wedding pages aren’t where the game is. “Show me their county fair coverage, then we’ll talk.” (Carter Lake Weekly Democrat)
Baumgarten: Critzbaum’s been off his rocker for years. The guy’s a crank, plain and simple.” (Manson Morning Vanguard)
Keller: “No more made-up news stories in the New York Times. You can take that to the bank.”