RNC; also, liberal redneck musicians

Novelist Stephen Elliott is reporting on the Republican National Convention for New York Magazine‘s Kicker. In an outtake on his website, Elliott talks with a New York City dominatrix about the S&M preferences of her clients (no permalinks; scroll to September 1):

I met Mistress Yin for lunch on the upper west side and she explained to me that the Republicans who call her are more into intense degradation and strap-on play then most. They like to be humiliated. They like to be forced to dress as women and then laughed at. (see footnote)

“I didn’t know I had so much in common with Republicans,” I said. Then I said, “Just kidding.”

The Kicker also reports on the Johnny Cash protest outside Sotheby’s. (For more background, go here.)

Speaking of liberal Texan musicians, the Antigeist has done gone to Austin, after a few days in Ft. Hood, and now she understands:

I experienced equal relief as we arrived in Austin. Bush/Cheney placards all but disappeared, urban landscape emerged, along with the broad-spectrum of people that usually inhabit a large college town. And I encountered a strange new (for me) phenomenon: The Liberal Redneck. Being a half urban/half redneck girlie myself, I cannot describe the sheer joy, the total delight, the shock and awe that was pulling up on a Ford F-250 –good-as-good-ol-boy-gets at the wheel– that is covered with pro-abortion, anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-religious-conservative bumper stickers. I felt like an adopted child who spied someone with a matching birthmark and found out it was my birth mother. All I can say is: Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings? I get you now.

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