Richard Powers’s power

The Chicago Tribune has an interesting interview with novelist Richard Powers. It’s interesting for a few reasons. The man’s work is extremely interesting, he has lots of interesting things to say, and he rarely speaks to journalists. I must say I was struck by this particularly lucky journalist’s effusiveness. Here’s her physical description of the guy:

Powers looks like Stephen King’s handsomer younger brother. His pale green eyes resemble chips of stained glass. His fingers are long and thin. His hair is dark brown, with the occasional thread of gray, and it falls in a thick curtain, without so much as a hint of curl. Powers, in fact, seems composed entirely of straight lines and right angles: He’s tall and lean, and he moves with the efficient grace of an animated T-square.

There’s a lot of that kind of description of the man, his mannerisms, his house, and so on. It’s pretty vivid. You get the feeling that Keller was psyched, that she was absolutely PUMPED to be in the man’s presence. I wouldn’t have been surprised to read that, halfway through the interview, Powers paused to demonstrate his ability to shoot special rays right out of those green stained glass eyes.

(Link via Beatrice.)

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