Remainders: the expanded version

• “Can’t sell your book? Maybe your agent hasn’t even read it — and never will.”

• From an article about Jonathan Ames’ self-promotion strategies and traditional midlist position:

“I’m my own worst publicist,” Ames says. “One thing that has upset me over the years is that I subtitled What’s Not to Love? ‘The Adventures of a Mildly Perverted Young Writer.’ Every time now in the papers, it’s like, ‘Pervert, pervert, pervert.’ What was I thinking?! I should have associated my name with the word genius, like Dave Eggers.”

• “Frank Beddor, the American producer of the gross-out movie There’s Something About Mary, has transformed Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland into a dark and violent tale of murder and war.”

• “A Plea from a Biographer to Men and Women of Attainment” — “You make Things so bloody hard … You leave bugger-all on Paper.”

• “Yint Nation“: Among the new words McSweeney’s dictionary contributors speculate will be part of our national lexicon by 2012:

ralphnadir [ralf•nay’•deer]

1. n. the lowest point in any process, whereby the urgent need to alter that process becomes manifest. The ralphnadir of America’s unrepresentative two-party system led to the establishment, in 2012, of our current proportional allnite-party system. 2. v. the act of creating such a low point while simultaneously undoing one’s reputation. He ralphnadired their relationship when he condescendingly denied that he’d cheneyed their joint account. —ART SPIEGELMAN

Purchasers of the dictionary will also receive a copy of the Future Soundtrack of America, including songs from R.E.M., Fountains of Wayne, Death Cab for Cutie, and David Byrne. Has anyone told Sasha?

• Rake’s Progress, where the proprietor’s devotion to Nicholson Baker puts Emma‘s and mine to shame, keeps the news about the controversial new novel coming.

• Publishers Marketplace reports that Stephen King’s son, Owen, has sold We’re All in This Together, a collection of short stories and a novella. There’s a nepotism joke in here somewhere.

• Ed Park puts William Jefferson Clinton’s My Life and A Reader’s Guide to William Gaddis’s The Recognitions side by side.

• An A-Z Chekhov lexicon.

• The Young Manhattanite interviews David Amsden, who’s just as self-effacing in person. (Via Jimmy at Old Hag.)

• “Harry Potter and the Capitalist Pigs fails to charm the French left” (Via Bookninja.)

• Live Journal Drama Queen Bingo

• “Books are an often overlooked hazard, sending more people to the emergency rooms than many common sports.” (Via Booksquare.)

• The Book Sale Finder keeps track of book sales and bookstore closings across the country. (Thanks to Z for the link.)

• “Better Books and Homes: an imaginary magazine; also, Bibliomania (Site found at Moorish Girl.)