• A test version of Google Print launched yesterday. Publishers Lunch reports:

    Google book iconDrawing from a database that currently features hundreds of thousands of full-text books, any normal Google search will return matches on a standard search page. For now, any book matches are prominently placed at the top of the page (akin to the display of Google News results), along with a cute icon of a few books on a shelf [see above, right].

    Current participants include Penguin, Wiley, Hyperion, Pearson, Taylor & Francis, Cambridge, Chicago, Oxford, Princeton, Scholastic, Springer, Houghton Mifflin, Thomson Delmar, Blackwell, and Perseus.

  • Poetry magazine has begun to spend a $100 million gift from Ruth Lilly. It’s handed out two awards: a $25,000 Mark Twain Award for humorous poetry (to Billy Collins) and a $50,000 Neglected Masters Award (to Samuel Menashe). The latter prize included a commitment from the Library of America to publish a volume of Menashe’s work. Other plans include:

    a national recitation contest for high school students [and] ‘the biggest and baddest Web site for poetry out there.’ The projects are likely to comprise the most sweeping effort to promote poetry in the history of the United States or any other country.”

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