Wednesday morning remainders

  • Larry King interviews John Kenney, author of new bestseller The Great Gatsby. “This is a big departure from your first novel, White Noise. The character of J. A. K. Gladney. Professor of Hitler studies at a small college. Versus Jay Gatsby. Similar first names though.”
  • The Observer’s Sheelah Kolhatkar investigates Alloy Entertainment, the YA media conglomerate and packager behind Kaavya Viswanathan’s book. See alsoTurn the pages to 1984.”
  • Only 3% of books published in the U.S. are translations, compared to 70% in Roberto Calasso’s native Italy. In a lecture attended by Philly Inquirer critic Carlin Romano, he attributed the abysmal state of the literary translation in American to “a lethal mixture of provincialism and imperialism.”
  • Archipelago, a very fine and successful small press, focuses on bringing translated fiction to U.S. readers.

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