Rebecca Wolff interview

In an interview with Poets & Writers, Rebecca Wolff, poet and editor of Fence, says the ratio of time spent on the journal to her own writing is “Ninety-nine to one.”

P&W: What’s the future of Fence?

RW: At this point I start to think, “Well, when should we stop?” as opposed to should we stop. Not to be grim about it, but unless I can get paid, I can’t keep doing this forever. I have a baby, I need to make money. I’ve basically been going into debt to do Fence. So while I really love doing it, I wonder, “Is it really important to keep going?” But when I hear of people that are excited about discovering Fence, I am reminded how important it is to show people the interesting writing going on out there that they might not necessarily know about otherwise. That has been our greatest success, I think. We’ve gained enough recognition for the magazine that we are able to fulfill our mission of exposing a larger audience to some of the more adventurous writing of our time.