Reading and testing in the British schools

At a secondary school in South Wales, boys and girls are being given separate reading material. School officials hope to spur the boys’ interest in literature by having them read Beckham’s My Side. The boys, aged from 12 to 15:

will also study fantasy books like Lord Of The Rings and Terry Pratchett’s novels and are also split up into teams.

They will also have quizzes in class to make the lessons more competitive….

The girls are carrying on learning the classics such as Jane Eyre and reading novels by women authors….

(Via The Literary Saloon.)

Philip Pullman, a British children’s author, argues that testing in primary schools shows that educators are:

forgetting the true purpose, the true nature, of reading and writing; and in forcing these things to happen in a way that divorces them from pleasure, we are creating a generation of children who might be able to make the right noises when they see print, but who hate reading and feel nothing but hostility for literature.

(Via Bookslut.)

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