Quickly at 1:30 a.m.

On NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday: Writers respond to Michiko Kakutani. (No permalink; scroll down or search archives.)

J.M. Coetzee’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

Coetzee’s curse“: “Under apartheid, South African writers fought race hatred; now they are accused of it.” (No permalink. See current issue, “Arts & Books” section.)

Also in the current issue of Prospect: “Texas for cretins,” in which the DBC Pierre effort is characterized as “shallow and safe.” (Again, no permalink. See “Arts & Books” section.)

The New York Times notable books list is out. (Cup of Chicha reacts.)

Guardian critics and guest writers select their favorite books of the year.

NaNoWriMo characterized as part of “crap art” movement. (Via Bookninja.)

LeCarre lauded. The author remembers his father. Well worth reading. (I believe a longer version of this piece ran in The New Yorker last year.)

Smart critique of Joan Acocella’s recent New Yorker piece about Joyce’s daughter and other women connected with writers.

London street trader made crazy profits from stolen books. (Via MobyLives.)

Boring wrap-up of scandals associated with 2003 literary awards in the U.K.

Ben Greenman of The New Yorker “happy to have this whole eyeliner pencil incident out in the open.”

New issue of Boldtype in my inbox.

Which dictionary is best? (Via Arts Journal.)

Bad sex writing award winner chuckles over his triumph. (Via Kitabkhana.)

Phony book deal The Fold Drop.)

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