Private: Quickly

Sam of Golden Rule Jones rounds up a facinating bunch of links to the websites of many writers’ homes he’s visited. Joyce, Dickens, Hemingway…. I’ve hardly visited any by comparison.

Californians are more likely to read The New Yorker than New Yorkers.

The Scotsman has more on the Elvis Costello book deals. Despite my disgust for his recent shillery, I guess my old adulation lingers. I listened to This Year’s Model over the weekend. To borrow a phrase, if there’s ever been a more incisive and alienated album, I don’t want to know about it. (Via TEV.)

Beatrice reports on Salman Rushdie’s first public appearance as the newly elected president of PEN American Center.

An Austen manuscipt is going on display.

The Oxford Professor of Poetry is elected by popular vote open to anyone who holds an Oxford B.A. (Via Golden Rule Jones.)

William Mayne, a 60’s children’s author, is accused of befriending young girls before raping and sexually assaulting them. (Thanks to Dana Cook for taking me to task for the original construction of this sentence, which presented the accusations as fact although no court of law has ruled on these charges.)

The Fold Drop on men’s magazines. Also, warmed-over Monday Gawker on the same subject still tastes good. Also,