Pynchon, appearances and rumors

From Ron Silliman’s blog:

According to The Simpson Archive, Thomas Pynchon will appear as himself on a show later this season. The premise being that Marge has written a novel. Tom Clancy also appears. No sign on the Archive site if they have any idea (a) what an odd combination that is, or (b) how many Pynchon fans will be wondering if “that” is really what he looks like these days.

(Thanks to Stephany Aulenback for the link.)

I read and enjoyed Pynchon lite (i.e., The Crying of Lot 49) but am neither smart nor patient enough to wade through Mason & Dixon, V, or Gravity’s Rainbow. Mr. Maud, however, is a Pynchon fanatic. A few weeks ago, he forwarded an old Internet rumor about the author’s current writing project:

The German Secretary of Culture, Michael Naumann (who not long ago worked in NYC for Henry Holt, Pynchon’s publisher) told recently on radio that Pynchon is working on a new novel. The setting: Goettingen early in the 20th century; the heroine: young female mathematician from Russia who belonged to the circle around David Hilbert. After a while the Russienne falls in love with another colleague…

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