Poor Derrida

According to Christopher Shea, Theory Is Finished:

Even Terry Eagleton, a former Oxford professor whose classic 1983 primer, ”Literary Theory,” introduced a generation of students to the field, broke ranks this year. In ”After Theory,” published in Britain in September, Eagleton recalls the thrilling early days when theory ”seemed so obviously the herald to a new future, a land of boundless possibility.” Yet now, he continues, ”quietly spoken middle-class students huddle diligently in libraries,” fancying themselves radical as they decode the political subtext of television shows.

Finally, in a move seemingly designed to underscore theory’s frivolousness and political irrelevance, Slavoj Zizek, an ebullient star in the field, wrote theoretically inflected catalog copy for the ”Back to School 2003” issue of the Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly.

Looks like Madonna will have to change her plans if she wants to keep with the times.

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