Pollack to wave middle finger in face of American literary establishment

Neal Pollack has announced that he’ll be updating his site a few times weekly. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably want to read the whole announcement. Otherwise, here’s the part that’s of interest:

In addition, I’ll still use this site as a platform to mock certain trends and pomposities in American literature. While the world reels from the effects of an undeclared World War III, the American literary establishment lurches forward in its inevitable plodding, clueless, inbred way, like a mastodon uninformed of Ice Age’s end. I’ll be here to wave an uninvited middle finger in its face.

(Via Bookslut.)

Update: Actually, now that I’ve read the whole thing, most of the political commentary makes good horse sense, too. Not that Pollack would care what I think. I’m one of those pompous, plodding people whom nobody could deter from speaking out against the war.

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