Pollack, Didion, BASS

Neal Pollack is on tour in support of his new novel. Some of my friends are eager to see him in person. There’s a very negative review of his book in the current issue of The Village Voice; another reviewer had good things to say.

I like Joan Didion’s work, but I’m a little weary of the coverage of her new book. If you can’t get enough, here she is on NPR. (Via Zuzu’s Petals.)

The Best American Short Stories 2003 anthology is scheduled for hardcover publication on October 10. Walter Mosley is this year’s editor. The authors and stories selected include:

Mary Yukari Waters, “Rationing” (from Missouri Review)

Susan Straight, “Mines” (from Zoetrope)

Mona Simpson, “Coins” (from Harper’s Magazine)

Jess Row, “Heaven Lake” (from The Harvard Review)

Emily Ishem Raboteau, “Kavita Through Glass” (from Tin House)

Sharon Pomerantz, “Ghost Knife” (from Ploughshares)

Marilene Phipps, “Marie-Ange’s Ginen” (from Callaloo)

Dean Paschal, “Moriya” (from Ontario Review)

ZZ Packer, “Every Tongue Shall Confess” (from Ploughshares)

Nicole Krauss, “Future Emergencies” (from Esquire)

Adam Haslett, “Devotion” (from The Yale Review)

Ryan Harty, “Why the Sky Turns Red When the Sun Goes Down” (from Tin House)

Louise Erdrich, “Shamengwa” (from The New Yorker)

Anthony Doerr, “The Shell Collector” (from The Chicago Review)

E. L. Doctorow, “Baby Wilson” (from The New Yorker)

Edwidge Danticat, “Night Talkers” (from Callaloo)

Rand Richards Cooper, “Johnny Hamburger” (from Esquire)

Dan Chaon, “The Bees” (from McSweeney’s)

Kevin Brockmeier, “Space” (from The Georgia Review)

Dorothy Allison, “Compassion” (from Tin House).

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