Pointless observations

Things I saw on the way to and from DUMBO today:

Two blow-up dolls in the window of the junk shop on Greenpoint Avenue, near Eagle. (As far as I know, this place, like most junk shops, only sells used items.)

Five broken umbrellas. (It’s still raining.)

The Jacques Torres chocolate shop, and Mr. Torres himself, who thanked us for braving the rain after my friend joked that we’d rowed a boat from Manhattan to get there.

Lots of rice.

A man urinating behind a garbage can in the Carroll Street subway station.

A grandfather, frowning and wearing a Mets cap, who boarded the G train with three kids, two boys and a girl, all of whom looked to be about five years old and none of whom sat down when he ordered them to.

The train lurched forward. The children fell, face-first, against the seats.

Grandpa said, “That’s why you get down–sit down–so you don’t fall down.”

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