Poetry and memoir

From Chris Monks’ erotic poetry based on the 2004 State of the Union Address:

The State of My Union is Confident and Long (Come On Up to My Rising)
America this evening is a nation called to great responsibilities
And we are rising to meet them
Boy, am I ever
Americans are rising to the task of history
And they expect the same from us
So take your pants off
Because the state of my union
Is confident and long

From D-Nasty’s brief memoir:

Nine months later young Nasty was born. There followed my formative years. These were charming times in which my mother would take me fishing at a local pond, or to see horses at a local farm. There was a diabetic man in the neighborhood.

He was blind, and needed help monitoring his blood sugar so that he didn’t die. My mother volunteered to do this once a week, and I would accompany her as she went to his house. He would disappear into the bathroom, and come back with a warm amethyst tupperware cup of his own urine.

At this time my mother and father directed considerable amounts of energy towards encouraging me to aim all urine into the latrine. The freedom of this man, who could tinkle in whatever container he pleased, was for me a magnificent thing. I believe that it was there, in the presence of the blind diabetic who urinated in tupperware containers that my kind mother tested for blood sugar so that he didn’t die, that I first tasted jealousy, and longed to be free of the onerous shackles of society.

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