Plural subject, plural verb, more

Tom Fort charges in The Spectator that BBC journalists, despite their academic qualifications, are “ignorant of what grammar is, let alone how it works.” The news editor recently instructed BBC journalists in the importance of grammar. “‘Clear storytelling and language … is at the heart of good journalism,'” he said.

Christopher Dreher writes for the Washington Post about the business of remainders:

….while a writer may wince at the thought of her magnum opus being marked down by anywhere from 50 to 90 percent, it is just a fact of bookselling now. And there are certainly worse fates — the shredder or pulper, where a small percentage of titles end up if they can’t be resold, traded or donated. At that last stop, all the author’s hard work is torn up into bits of paper to be recycled . . . or stuffed into firecrackers.

(Via Publishers Lunch.)

Bob Hoover argues that there’s “been a stale smell” to the publishing business lately. “As for the books that have been published this year, there’s nothing that compares to Sebold’s ‘Lovely Bones’ of last year,” he says. (Via The Literary Saloon.)

Personally, I wouldn’t have named the Sebold novel as the high-water mark of last year’s offerings.

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