Private: Pia Ehrhardt on Opium?!

I first mentioned Pia Ehrhardt’s work back in June. Her writing rocks my world.

So imagine my delight in discovering today that she’s been interviewed by, and will be guest-editing for, Opium Magazine.

Her writing is hard to describe, but when has that ever stopped me from trying?

To me, among other things, it combines the best of Lorrie Moore’s Self-Help and Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer.

I compare her work to Self-Help because of the (occasional) use of second-person narration, the frequent focus on spurned and obsessive women, and the humor and small but detailed tragedies of every piece.

A comparison to The Moviegoer is harder to defend, but I guess I’ll point to the New Orleans setting, and to some ineffable sense that the characters are searching hard for something outside of the numbing ordinariness, the despair, of life. See, for instance, The Water Laws.

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