Over and out

When you want to wear the tangerine muumuu over your head, it?s time to go see the colorist. So barring J.D. Salinger showing up in my cubby in the next five minutes, pressing his unpublished stories on me to post, that?s where I?ll be. Thanks to Maud for the secret password and the gin, and thanks to everyone who read and emailed. Y?all are so smart!

Maud will be back tomorrow — and, if you?re in NYC and you can?t wait that long, don?t forget you can catch her tonight at Pianos.

For the while, here?s another Evangaline poem by Marlys West (this one in full). Remember, read it slow and drawl, honey, like your last name is Sugarbaby …

Kindest Regards

Evangaline says she?s ok
only she says it slow
and with great effort
It is the time of bad things
in her life

Henry ran off with
a younger gal from Buda

The recipe she entered
in the Waco Texas Cook Off
Lottery and Kitchen Bonanza
got 50% delicious
and 50% not tasty
but thank you.

She says at night
in her dreams
it is Henry
He shows up in church
to make an announcement
in another dream
she needed a price check
and he was the sales clerk
on the
in-store microphone system
at the food mart.

Last night she says
she dreamed
he ran an ad in the Waco Daily
it said the same thing:

not tasty
but thank you
love Henry

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