Private: Orson Scott Card: another sci-fi author I won’t be reading

Writer Orson Scott Card, whose Ender’s Game won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, has written an infuriating diatribe against gay marriage:

You’re unhappy that your son wants to marry a boy? Then you’re sick, dangerous, a homophobe, filled with hate. Control your natural desires or be branded as evil by every movie and TV show coming out of P.C. Hollywood!

Compassion and tolerance flow only one way in the “Wonderland” of the politically correct….

even if few people care enough to defend the old family values against the screaming hate speech of the Left — which is what they’re counting on, of course — the end will be the same. Because with marriage finally killed, America will no longer be able to raise up children with any trust in or loyalty to or willingness to sacrifice for that society.

So either civilized people will succeed in establishing a government that protects the family; or civilized people will withdraw their allegiance from the government that won’t protect it; or the politically correct barbarians will have complete victory over the family — and, lacking the strong family structure on which civilization depends, our civilization will collapse or fade away.

(Via Scribbling Woman.)