Private: One by one all day

Take Note: “It’s not Michael Savage’s Foucault.”

Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore,” a little ditty by John Prine, quoted in full by Jaap Stijl.

Orwell quiz. (Via Kitabkhana.)

From the proprietress of Lindsayism: “#1 Blog Pet-Peeve: The Ubiquitous Wish List.” I thought it was just me. (Lindsay also points us to Sarah Balcomb’s new site.)

The next New York City mob project. You will not find me there. I do not like crowds, except at concerts and readings and the like. But maybe you do.

The Last Days have another show at LUXX, Sunday June 29th, at 9pm. $5. They are exceptionally good. Here are some MP3s.

The Shins‘ Marty Crandall has a pretty girlfriend. Here they are together. (Via Travelers Diagram.)

For GMB: a brief history of the merkin. (Second item; via TMFTML.)

Send Leonard Pierce, A/K/A “the Gangsta of Love,” an entry for the Ludic Log Vacation Guest Columnist Throwdown. Leonard, incidentally, is not a securities lawyer. Nor was he born in 1828.

Book publishers think math is foxy.