Private: Oh, well, that clears it all up, then

John Derbyshire provides plenty of reasons for you to loathe him:

I grew up in England where that level of antisemitism was pretty well universal. It was perfectly harmless. Jews thrived and prospered. (Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet was full of them.) Negative feelings on that level are, I believe, perfectly normal and healthy….

I do not support laws against private discrimination. If I do not want to hire black people (or white people), that should be my right. If I do not want to let a room in my house to a homosexual (or a heterosexual, or a Muslim, or a Christian), that should also be my right. These things are no proper business of the public authorities.

I described myself as “a mild, tolerant homophobe.” This means that I do not like homosexuality, and I think it is a net negative for society. As a conservative, inclined to give the benefit of the doubt (when there is doubt) to long-established practices, I cannot help note that there has never been a human society, at any level of civilization, that has approved egalitarian (that is, adult-adult) homosexuality. Male-male buggery has been proscribed in every society that ever existed. I am inclined to think that there are good reasons for these universal prohibitions. To say the least of it, male homosexuality is very unhealthy–much more so than, for example, cigarette smoking.