Private: Numbers game

This “Psychic Flash Movie” has been making the rounds. I received it twice this week.

I asked a mathematician friend to explain it to me. He was reluctant to ruin the charm of the thing, but he did provide a good explanation. If you want, you can read his explanation below and join the ranks of the killjoys.

Here goes (without some complex formula):

Every multiple of 9 is the same icon, and every time you subtract a number’s sum of its parts you end up with a multiple of nine…. Every time you click on the magic ball and reset, the icons change, but the multiples of nine are always going to be the same icon as each other… does that make sense?”

Here’s a page explaining the multiples of nine phenomenon.

The mathematician friend is also responsible for this (not necessarily work-safe) interview with the creators of SPLOSH!.

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