Now point me to the bookstore peddling Wild Turkey and I’ll be all set

Yesterday I asked readers to direct me to local bookstores that sell booze and books. Sam reminds me that Housing Works, where I’ve only attended 5,000 readings, “serves beer and wine at its cafe. Plus 100% of its proceeds benefit homeless NYers with HIV and AIDS. Beat that, Wisconsin….”

And Samantha Hunt, to whom I was introduced at my Freebird Books reading a couple of weeks ago, reminds me that Freebird itself sells beer and wine. While I’m mentioning Freebird, I should say that there’s lots to recommend it beyond the booze. It sits out next to the water in Red Hook. Inside, plush couches are clustered near the shelves. The garden out back offers plenty of seating. And since the store is off the beaten path you can find a great selection of used books there, in good condition, cheap.

(Samantha had a story on This American Life over the weekend that I’d hoped to catch. I didn’t, then, but I’m going to listen now.)