Not sexy, plus an antidote

This post was written by Friday guest blogger Annie Reid.

Harper’s prints excerpts from a federally funded “abstinence education” curriculum (supported by the Bush gov’t to the tune of 167 million per year):

While a man needs little or no preparation for sex, a woman often needs hours of emotional and mental preparation.

5 Major Needs of Women:
Affection, Conversation, Honesty and Openness, Financial Support, Family Commitment

5 Major Needs of Men:
Sexual Fulfillment, Recreational Companionship, Physical Attractiveness, Admiration, Domestic Support

But on the positive side of sex education, a Montreal video game designer has designed a little game that aims to slyly teach women about techniques of female sexual gratification. You touch the bunny in different ways – touching the ears, tickling the nose, stroking the bunny hair – and if the bunny likes it, the bunny will fly. Different things make different bunnies fly, of course.

Make the bunnies fly, people.

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