Private: News review and no news at all

Become a “founder reader” of The London News Review, which promises to “feature some of the world’s finest and funniest writers, commentators and reviewers.” Featured contributors will include Jeanette Winterson, Dave Gorman, Griff Rhys Jones, Jeremy Hardy, Richard Herring, and Ben Caudell. (Via TMFTML, where “esteem for this organization could not be higher,” and the recommendation is “without reservation.”)

Clay Risen criticizes the Washington Post’s free commuter daily, Express. The paper is designed to appeal to the younger demographic but Risen says it’s nothing more than a vehicle for advertising:

Express … is advertising strategy taken to its radical extreme: Not advertising first and foremost, but advertising first and last. Express doesn’t disdain young readers; Express disdains the very idea of readers. Whether or not people read Express is completely irrelevant.