New ebook more like paper

Sony’s ebook reader, the Librie, launches in Japan this Saturday. The Librie, Sony's ebookAlthough the resolution is much sharper than that of the average computer display, the screen is small: only six inches. But according to the Guardian:

The quality of the display will come as quite a shock to any seasoned user of mobile devices; it looks more like paper than the computer screen it is. The closest comparison is to think of old-fashioned ink on pulp you’re likely holding now, unless you’re reading this online, in which case the Librie looks far better.

In fact, as it’s a reflective screen, it looks the same whether you read it indoors or out….

It’s accompanied by a “Memory Stick,” which indexes up to 500 books. Powered by three AAA batteries, the Librie itself “stretch[es] to an impressive 10,000 pages, enough for about 40 novels.”

The Register reported last month that the ebook “will cost Â¥40,000 ($376) when it ships on 24 April. Content will be available on an ‘all you can read’ basis for Â¥210 ($1.98) a month subscription.”

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