New Brown

Jeff Kunerth says The Rabbit Factory, Larry Brown’s fifth novel, successfully tells six stories at once.

Here are a few old interviews with Brown, and here’s a brief excerpt from one of them:

I just loved to read all my life. And when I got close to thirty, I didn’t feel like I was very accomplished with my life and I wondered if there was something else that I could do. And writing seemed like a logical thing to try. It seemed to be something that maybe a person wouldn’t have to go to school to do. You could do it at home in your spare time. And so I finally just sat down and started writing a novel in 1980.

When I took a class with Harry Crews during my sophomore year of college, he said he received a short story from Larry Brown in the mail. Brown was unpublished at the time. Crews was so impressed that he shipped the story off to his own agent and that’s how Brown’s work ended up in print.

If you’ve never read Brown’s “Facing the Music” (a short story), you owe it to yourself to track it down.

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