Private: Nabokov’s Lolita bears similarities to Nazi journalist’s novel

A German scholar claims that Nabokov’s Lolita is ripped off from a 1916 novel by Nazi journalist Heinz von Eschwege, which included a girl named Lolita who “obsesses and then seduces the narrator”:

The narrator, who is lodging in her house while on holiday, is distraught when the girl dies at the end of the story that is astoundingly similar to Nabokov’s book, published in 1956, claims Michael Maar — a literary scholar.

“The name is the same, the title, the fact that it is written in the first person. There is a close description of first seeing Lolita, looking into her eyes and seeing she was more than a girl, more than a child. The narrators are lodgers and both have passionate affairs and then Lolita dies,” The Telegraph quoted Maar as saying.

(Via Moorish Girl.)