“My novel Jealousy is absolutely autobiographical”

Thomas McGonigle interviews Alain Robbe-Grillet for Book Forum. Among other things, the author talks about the disconnect between an author’s trendiness and actual readership:

Since the publication of Repetition, I’ve gone to bookstores to sign books and there’s a crowd of only young people. No old people. Let’s put it this way: I was once fashionable. And when I was in fashion, nobody read my books. For instance, the first year when I was really in vogue my novel Jealousy sold five hundred copies for the entire year. But Repetition has sold fifty thousand copies. When I started to gather readers, I was already out of fashion. But when I was in style, I couldn’t live on my writing. Now I can live on my writing very nicely. Nice apartment here, a château in the country. You know, I come from very modest origins.

(Via World New York.)

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