Mr. Maud tries to convince me that unflattering photos are just glimpses at one “bad moment.” Apparently I have lots of bad moments.

Mary Karr (The Liar’s Club) praises Marion Ettlinger’s author photos. “‘She reads your books,’ Ms. Karr said. ‘She read my books of poems, and I’ve slept with people who haven’t done that.'”

Karr almost swore off photographs for good “after a session with a fashion photographer for Harper’s Bazaar”:

“I had a hair person, a makeup person, a clothes person, a shoe person and then a variety of people who just stood around and looked very worried at me,” she said. “They had a whole agenda that had nothing to do with reading and writing. And I said never again.”

In part Ms. Karr believes writers are uncomfortable with the whole process because they do tend to be, by nature, rather unphotogenic, she said, adding, “You go to the National Book Awards, and it’s not a pretty sight.”

(Thanks to Susannah Breslin for the link.)

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