Move over Spivack, Bhabha, Said

Pasha Malla’s “The Bombay Palace All You Can Eat Buffet: A Post-Colonial Perspective” is very funny. An excerpt:

Chicken Tikka

This classic starter makes its predictable appearance at the head of the buffet table, toned down, conforming to limited Western tolerances of “spiciness.” Tikka is the ultimate semi-exoticized Other: a universally common foodstuff (chicken) transmogrified into something sufficiently foreign (tikka), satiating the colonial palate while not overwhelming it. Indian food at its most tepid and obsequious.

Worth noting: the good people at McSweeney’s want us to know that the appearance of this piece on this site “so close to the recent, tragic bombings in Bombay is a coincidence and not meant in any way to be a commentary on current events.”

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