Monks, Levin, TMFTML/PSB

Noting that kids love “Ghettopoly” despite the public outcry over the racist implications of the game, Christopher Monks of the aptly-named Utter Wonder describes “other new versions of popular family board games that will undoubtedly cause even more of an uproar.” For instance:

Racial Epithet Boggle

Racial Epithet Boggle is the 3-minute fast paced word search game that everyone in the family plays at once. It spells fast family racist fun for all ages! Shake up the 16 letter cubes, remove the dome, and GO! Try to find as many racist words of three or more letters as you can in 3 minutes. Families will learn this game in seconds, but enjoy playing for hours or until they want to commit a hate crime.

Sorry! Your Health Insurance Won’t Cover That

Players race around the game board going from hospital to hospital in an effort to find an ER that will treat their head wound.

From Todd Levin’s latest missive, about work bathroom etiquette:

….And I worry that he (it is almost always a “he”) will see my shoes and think, “Is that Todd? Is he taking a shit no more than two feet from me? He’s totally indecent! I must remember to seat him with my born-again Christian cousins at my wedding, for one must show respect to earn respect.”

I would like to bring a second pair of shoes to the office, just for shitting. Something nondescript, like a plain, black leather J. Crew Buck with a gum sole – you know, the kind of shoe someone who loves to shit might wear.

TMFTML, always, and especially because he links this afternoon to a Pet Shop Boys interview. A Pet Shop Boys interview! I’m giddy with glee. (Don’t tell Dana. She’ll probably make fun of me.)

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