Private: Miscellaneous

More young adult novels are featuring openly gay teens who are comfortable with their sexuality.

“A message left at Merriam-Webster’s headquarters in Springfield, Mass., was not immediately returned Friday evening.” I guess it’s for the best that “McMansion” didn’t make the cut this time around. (Link first seen yesterday at Arts Journal.)

Mayor of St. Tropez: “Hey, that corrupt and venal character is totally based on me! Except for the part where he’s corrupt and venal.”

Last week I mentioned the girl who faced expulsion for writing about a dream in which a teacher gets shot. The Moorish Girl points to a story about a boy who was expelled from a California school in 2001 and spent time in juvenile hall after writing a poem that included the line: “For I can be the next kid to bring guns to kill students at school.” J.M. Coetzee and Michael Chabon are among the authors who signed an amicus brief asking the California Supreme Court to overturn the conviction.