Midweek selections

Leonard Pierce’s The Great e-Mails of Western Civilization, No. 21 (in a series): The cc’s of Summer, by Ernest Hemingway

From the Suck archives: “Same Old Struggling Act

Dad Watched TV (While Highlighting Words He Didn’t Know in the Dictionary),” from a comic book by Scott Marvel Cassidy

“We hope the new ad campaign will not interrupt your reading enjoyment.”

Jonathan Messinger’s “I Am Not As Old As A 40-Year-Old Lawyer

TMFTML’s transcribed oral history of the coverage of George Plimpton’s death.

Rush Limbaugh believes that that the felonious outing of an undercover CIA spy by someone in the Bush administration “happens fifty times a year” and “does not rise to the level of dastardly.” (Via Donnie at Neal Pollack’s site.)

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