Melt him in a crucible

Max Beerbohm, caricaturist, parodist, essayist and drama critic, on the art of caricature:

The most perfect caricature is that which, on a small surface, with the simplest means, most accurately exaggerates, to the highest point, the peculiarities of a human being, at his most characteristic moment, in the most beautiful manner…. The whole man must be melted down in a crucible and then, from the solution, fashioned anew. Nothing will be lost but no particle will be as it was before.

Terry Teachout has just bought his very own Beerbohm caricature. This is incomprehensible to those of us who’ve found most of our furniture, lamps and wall-hangings, including a water-damaged John and Jackie Kennedy painting circa 1967, on the street. Take a gander at Terry’s new purchase by following links provided here.