McSweeney’s parody; writing good

Pitchaya passes along a link to some McSweeney’s-style Letters to Entities that Are Unlikely to Respond at Yankee Pot Roast today. An excerpt from a letter to McSweeney’s:

McSwys, you call for glaringly unironic submissions from your dear readers. Historically, your responses (and by “responses,” I mean “rejections”) come at a glacial pace, despite the fact that they are delivered via electronic mail, which is not instantaneous, but awfully close. Therefore, the delay is of human origin. We assume this is done intentionally, to keep in line with your theme of indifferent, unaffected indifference. Good show!

With your recent “relaunch,” however, you’ve seemingly 180-ed; you now deliver boring, pretentioius horseshit, but appear to be smiling while doing so. That is our game, buddy.

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