Private: May Day readings

Tomorrow night Gary Shteyngart reads from The Russian Debutante’s Handbook at the Astor Place Barnes & Noble. As if his prose weren’t incentive enough, he’s a fantastic reader. You should not deny yourself this opportunity.

Should you unwisely disregard my advice, however, consider dropping by Pete’s Candy Store at 7:30 to see Ben Greenman read from Superbad. Because, well, why not see what all the fuss was about?

If you go to the Greenman reading and like mojitos, order one. Pete’s has been serving ’em up* (with properly crushed mint leaves and actual sugar–instead of that syrup they use in some Manhattan establishments) since it opened its doors back in 1999.

*yes, i know i’ve mentioned pete’s mojitos before. i’m a one-trick pony, folks.