Massive Clutter

A great Talk of the Town piece about Patrice Lumumba Moore, that guy who was recently buried in an avalanche of his own magazines. There’s also some good stuff about another guy, Ron Alford, who runs a business helping people with clutter problems like that. Says Alford:

“I’m on my way to the Lower East Side right now to go look at a project where this gal is up to her armpits in stuff,” he said. “And she just doesn’t know how to deal with it, but we do. We know that the National Geographics are never going to be worth anything.”

Yes, but how do you know? I mean, you can never really know, can you? Anyway. Here’s my favourite part of the piece:

Moore was hoping to stay on at St. Barnabas for another week. He was enjoying the bedside visits: “I thank all the magazines, all the newspapers.” When he got out, he said, he was planning to use his newfound fame to jump-start a rap career. “I do beat box,” he said. He closed his eyes and began making a series of percussive noises with his mouth. A hospital employee came in to see if everything was O.K. “I learned that from Biz Markie and Doug E. Fresh,” Moore said.

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