Lucie Brock-Broido Links & Reviews

A favorable review of Lucy Brock Broido’s most recent book of poems, Trouble in Mind ran in the Briefly Noted section of the May 3rd issue of the New Yorker. It read:

Brock-Broido populates her third volume of poems with such calamitous individuals as a Romanov child awaiting the Russian Revolution and a transient who committed suicide by entering a lion’s den at the National Zoo. These tragic figures exist in counterpoint to the poet’s confrontation of the deaths of parents and companions. She tempers the supernatural visitations and baroque lexicon that have characterized her earlier work with an affecting skepticism, emerging from a lengthy bedside vigil with the epiphany “I made no wish, save being / Merely magical. I am magical / No more.” The elegy is a form that more pedestrian poets often taint with mawkishness, but in Brock-Broido’s hands it yields great conceptual and syntactical variety.

(That edition of Briefly Noted includes reviews of three other books of poems.)

Go here for a brief bio of Brock-Broido, with links to her poems online, including: “Leaflet on Wooing” (with audio) and “The Halo That Would Not Light” on Poetry Daily, which is my favorite of what I’ve read so far.

Download the audio for Brock-Broido’s recent interview with KCRW’s Michael Silverblatt. (Completely geeky aside: Silverblatt is one of my heroes when it comes to reading the fuck out of a book. At the beginning of each month I always check this page to see his reading list.)

Confidential to Amazon: Offering this as an excerpt from the book is lame.

(This post feels like an homage to wood s lot, only less competent.)