Left, right chasm

The San Francisco Chronicle considers the “outbreak of partisan warfare on the best-seller list,” pointing to recent books by Franken, Moore, and Ivins, which are portrayed as the left-wing equivalent of Coulter and O’Reilly’s screeds.

Also noted as evidence of polarized political opinion: the current issue of Time magazine, which “shows President George W. Bush with a lipstick stain on one side of his face and a black eye on the other.”

Mr. Maud and I noticed the Time cover in the train station last week. It says “Love him” on the lipstick side and “Hate him” on the other. I guess that’s how it works now: one milquetoast magazine purports to provide adequate information for those who love the president, those who hate him, those who aren’t sure, and anybody who thinks it’s just so cute to see Bush wearing lipstick on half his face and sporting a black eye on the other half.

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