Private: Lee Klein interview

This week Zulkey interviews Eyeshot‘s Lee Klein. I could say all kinds of earnest, glowing things, but you should probably just read the interview.

If you’re not convinced, here’s an excerpt:

On the G train through Brooklyn yesterday, I saw three 10-year-old Latino kids yell out “Hitler!” to a Hasidic Jew getting off the train. A second later, a middle-aged white guy stood in front of them and asked “Which one of you is man enough to tell me who just yelled Hitler?” The kids didn’t say anything, then one of them took the blame. The guy grabbed the kid by the throat, knocked his head against the subway’s window, and said: “You don’t yell freaking Hitler to a Jew!” Then he sat back down, continued reading the New York Times. He wore glasses and high-tops.

Also, please consider this recent request from Ms. Zulkey:

Do you have a story where you put your foot in your mouth? Accidentally insulted somebody beyond repair? Asked a fat women when she was due? Accidentally asked a fat man when he was due? Come on, we’ve all been there. Make me feel better and tell me about the time you opened your big mouth a little too wide.

You have until Monday.

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