Katherine Dunn: happy dripping

In 1989, Geek Love author Katherine Dunn told The Guardian she was working on a fourth novel, The Cut Man. “The cut man in boxing is the person who stops the bleeding in a boxing match. The new novel is about boxing and serial killers,” she explained.

Williamette Week‘s Karla Starr discovers that Knopf has scheduled the book for a 2008 release. But the date still sounds tentative.

[Dunn’s] agent, Richard Pine, told The New York Times in 2004, “Katherine once told me that writers are like faucets … Some drip and some are on free flow. She drips, and she’s happy dripping.” In a more recent email interview, Pine told WW, “I don’t know when Katherine will deliver Cut Man, but I do know that she’s working on it and, like her many fans, I look forward to reading it soon after she’s typed ‘The End.'”

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