John Warner on Zulkey

Yesterday Claire Zulkey interviewed John Warner, editor of McSweeney’ and co-author of My First Presidentiary. Mr. Warner is funny and frank, demonstrating plenty of good sense. He weighs in on editing a humor site and co-authoring a book, as you’d expect, but also talks about George Bush, and negative reviews.

I admire Mr. Warner for his ability to contextualize politics without losing his sense of humor or being reduced to didacticism. That’s hard to pull off. (Side note: but here’s one site that does it regularly.)

My own inability to strike that balance is the reason I decided back in the spring to stop harping on politics around here. For a couple of months, the war and taxes and the evils of the Bush administation were more or less all I talked about.

In the next post I’m going to quote some of Warner’s thoughts on reviews. These are only a small part of the interview, so do be sure to read the whole thing.

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