Jimmy Carter, novelist

MSNBC reports that “the first sex scene written by a president (involving a married couple, it might be added) runs to exactly two lines: ‘That night, they tried some things they had never done before.'”

Former President Jimmy Carter has written a novel about the American Revolution, The Hornet’s Nest, which is set in Georgia and appears in bookstores next week. Evidently Carter takes on “all the cliches about the birth of a nation-and for that he expects to get angry letters from ‘those people who won’t eat french fries anymore.'”

While writing, Carter was unprepared for the day his characters “[took] on lives of their own”:

“I guess that’s typical. I’ve never talked to any other real authors,” he says. “I never anticipated, y’know, sexual relations between Ethan and anyone except his wife. That was-it just kind of happened. And when it happened, I went in and said, ‘Rosalynn, I just had the biggest surprise of my life.’ Which was”-and he allows himself a little grin-”an exaggeration.”

Carter has published 18 books, including historical works, books dedicated to public policy, a memoir, a children’s book, and poetry. (Thanks to Matt for the link.)

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