James Hynes Kings of Infinite Space giveaway

Bookslut is giving away signed copies of James Hynes’ Kings of Infinite Space, out in hardcover as of last month. Sign up!

I haven’t read the latest novel yet, but was smitten with Publish and Perish and have it on good authority that Kings is “dark and funny and well paced.” Try out the first chapter and see what you think. It begins:

One brutally hot summer’s morning, Paul Trilby-ex-husband, temp typist, cat murderer-slouched sweating in his t-shirt on his way to work, waiting behind the wheel of his car for the longest red light in central Texas. He was steeling himself for a confrontation with his boss, screwing up his nerve to ask for a raise, but his present circumstances were conspiring against him. His fourteen-year-old Dodge Colt rattled in place in the middle of the Travis Street Bridge, hemmed in on all sides by bulbous, purring pickup trucks and gleaming sport utility vehicles with fat, black tires. The electric blues and greens of these enormous automobiles reflected the dazzling morning glare through Paul’s cracked and dirty windshield; they radiated shimmering heat through his open window. Waiting for the light, the fingers of his left hand drumming the scalding side of his car, the skin of his forearm baking to leather in the heat, Paul felt less like a man who deserved more out of life than a peasant on a mule cart trapped in the middle of an armored division.

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