Walrus, more

The first issue of The Walrus is out. In an interview, Walrus publisher Ken Alexander explains how the idea for the magazine took root. If you are moved to respond, leave your comments here.

Alan DeNiro takes note of a recent “bumper crop of strong original anthologies (that is, with no or few reprints) that have incorporated genre elements [speculative fiction, in particular] into their contents.” (The Old Hag and Wood S Lot both have noted that the new issue of Rain Taxi is online.)

Eugenides argues that writers shouldn’t ignore omens. Although space doesn’t allow him to describe all of the cosmic signs that led him to write Middlesex, he lists five. Also, he says:

shortly after I met my wife, we went into a bookstore and, for fun, looked in Linda Goodman’s Love Signs to see if we were astrologically compatible. The news was good. A Scorpio woman could do wonders for a Piscean man. She could bolster his creativity and – here I quote -“may even help him win the Pulitzer prize”.

(Via Who Else?)

David Guterson reveals that he suffered from writers’ block after September 11, 2001. (Via Moorish Girl.)

Douglas Coupland’s latest novel gets the Guardian digest treatment. (Via Bookslut.)

Also via Bookslut, the scoop on Words Without Borders.

Rachel Cohen highlights one extraordinarily negative review from the Victorian Era. (Via The Literary Saloon.)

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