It’s not often that you find a restaurant where all the waitresses are over three hundred pounds

This post was written by guest blogger Carrie Hoffman.

I know everyone can’t wait to visit me in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, but there’s so much to do here that many of my many many visitors say to me, “Carrie, this groovy town has such a nightlife! And so many record stores where I can find all my favorite indie bands! There’s so much that I don’t know what to do in my limited time here! Will ten days even be enough?!”

First, I tell them to calm down. Then I tell them that the first place to go is Leatha’s Bar-B-Que, which you can’t miss because it’s right by Wal-Mart. Leatha’s has the best barbecue pork ribs I’ve ever eaten, and you know they’re good because Leatha’s daughters have clearly been eating them and will chide you for not finishing your plate.

Eat at Leatha's

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