Private: Times profile of Treisman, and Saunders revelation

Among other things, New Yorker Fiction Editor Deborah Treisman “is of a mind that one can’t, unless one is The New Yorker‘s editor, David Remnick, ‘and sort of superhuman,’ be an exemplary editor and writer simultaneously.”

Treisman “made her choice back at Berkeley, where poetry was her favored literary form. She says she reads at least 15 hours each week but hasn’t perused a novel just for fun in more than a decade.” (Emphasis supplied.)

Also, speaking of The New Yorker, George Saunders (author of two short story collections and a new short story, “Jon,” which has been oft remarkedupon since its publication last week) has revealed his fascination with reality TV:

My favorite guilty pleasure is watching the new TV series “The Bachelor: Who Screws the Best?,” in which an ugly, poor, middle-aged married guy has sex with a series of young women who have been misled into believing that he is handsome, young, and rich, after which he decides which of them to propose to, at which time they are notified that he is actually ugly, poor, and middle-aged.

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