The Baffler’s Boob Jubilee anthology

In the new issue of The High Hat, Hayden Childs explains why you should be reading The Baffler:

The Baffler is the best magazine in America. Period. If you’re not reading it, you’re not doing your brain any favors. Sure, the last two issues (#15 and #16) have been a bit dryer and more academic than their immediate predecessors, but this doesn’t change the fact that The Baffler serves up more incisive wit and pointed analysis in each all-too-short issue than most magazines can muster in a decade. Unfortunately, a fire in 2001 took out The Baffler’s office and most of its back issues. Fortunately, W.W. Norton & Company has released Boob Jubilee, an anthology of some of The Baffler’s sharpest writing from issues #8-#14 (roughly 1996-2001), complete with rewrites and follow-ups from the authors to reflect recent changes in culture.

At the heart of The Baffler’s cultural critique is the growing influence of those pro-business, anti-regulation, invisible-hand nutsos who have spent the last 20 years slipping their poisonous philosophy into politics and American culture at large, co-opting subcultural movements and inventing strange new management techniques along the way.

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